Tehran hosted 1st intl. conference on Media & Islamic unity

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Saman Kojouri
Press TV, Tehran

Tehran hosted the first international conference dubbed “Media and the Unity of the Islamic world”. The day-long event brought together thinkers, journalists and activities from different Islamic countries to explore avenues for boosting unity among the Islamic Ummah through media cooperation.

The first international conference on media and the unity of the Islamic Ummah kicked off in the capital Tehran on Sunday to discuss ways for the unity of the Islamic Ummah based on media activities.

Media activists, managers and journalists from different Islamic countries attended the first Minaret International Conference held by Iran’s World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought.

The unity of the Islamic Ummah, media truth and media literacy, and the capacity of international media were the three major axes which were discussed by the participants at the first Minaret International Conference in Tehran.

Moreover, the participants in the event in a statement condemned the recent insults to the Holy Quran and Islamic sanctities in European countries.

The statement also condemned western governments for planting the seeds of hatred and animosity and fanning the flames of violence in the world. It underscored that Muslims, based on their religious beliefs, never allow themselves to insult the sanctities of other faiths and that the followers of Islam hold all divine books and prophets in high respect.

The first international conference on media and the unity of the Islamic world is aimed at building capacity, network and raising awareness among Islamic nations with regard to the international developments especially anti-Islam campaigns, which will further forge unity among Muslims worldwide.

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