Al-Shifa carnage: Hamas says US responsible for crimes, massacres in Gaza

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The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas says the US administration, especially President Joe Biden, is responsible for the crimes, massacres, and systematic destruction of civilian life in the Gaza Strip.

Hamas issued a statement on Monday after the "terrorist" Israeli occupation army retreated from Gaza's Al-Shifa Medical Complex and its surroundings after a two-week siege.

It said Israel's savage acts against the health sector and hospitals are carried out with American weapons and all forms of military and political support.

In a statement on Monday, the Gaza Health Ministry said Israeli forces have withdrawn tanks and vehicles from Al-Shifa Hospital after a two-week siege of the medical complex.

It emphasized that Israel retreated from the hospital “after burning down the complex buildings and putting it completely out of service.”

It added that Israel's horrific crime in the Shifa hospital revealed the nature of this rogue fascist entity, which is deviant from the values of civilization and humanity.

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