"US-built humanitarian pier used in Nuseirat massacre"

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A new report says the Israeli regime has used the so-called humanitarian pier built by the U-S to carry out military operations against Palestinians in Gaza.

The report came after viral footage on social media showed the regime’s forces that carried out the latest massacre in Gaza’s Nuseirat refugee camp left on board a chopper near the pier. Israeli and American soldiers used the pier to sneak into Gaza, boarding a humanitarian aid truck and entering the central market in the Nuseirat refugee camp. They then started shooting civilians after they were discovered. Israeli warplanes also started an intense bombing campaign to secure the area for the attackers. The US started building the pier several months ago under the guise of allowing aid into Gaza via the sea to help hungry Gazans. Activists have now called the so-called humanitarian pier, ‘the occupation, assassination, and massacre pier’. 

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