US, UK, Australia announce collaboration on hypersonic weapons

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The Australian prime minister has defended his country’s trilateral agreement with the US and the UK on hypersonic weapons, saying it would help create peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region. Morrison further said that Australia wants to significantly upgrade its hypersonic missile capabilities. On Tuesday, Canberra, London, and Washington agreed to collaborate on developing hypersonic missiles and electronics warfare capabilities. China has denounced the agreement, warning that it could push other parts of the world into a crisis similar to the one facing Ukraine. The deal falls under a trilateral security pact, known as AUKUS, which they inked in September last year. The AUKUS then sparked regional worries since it allows Australia to acquire nuclear-powered submarines with American and British assistance. Canberra had ditched a deal on submarines with Paris, in favor of the pact with Washington and London.

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