Top Hamas official says Israel waging war of starvation on Gazans

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A senior Hamas official says the Israeli regime is waging a war of starvation on the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, stressing that closure of crossings to the besieged territory has worsened the food crisis and the few aid convoys that enter the enclave cannot meet the public demands.

“The Zionist enemy has adopted the policy of starvation against children and ordinary people in Gaza. The food convoys that have entered Gaza meet only 10% of the public demands,” Osama Hamdan, a member of the Palestinian resistance movement's politburo, said at a press briefing in the Lebanese capital city of Beirut on Saturday evening.

“Mass killing of people, starvation and bombardment of hospitals are all meant to drive our compatriots out of northern Gaza. International, Muslim and Arab institutions must fulfill their responsibilities as regards the stoppage of the invaders’ crimes. Silence and inaction will push the situation towards further chaos and disorder.”

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