Iran: Israel attacks guardians of humanity by targeting aid workers

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The spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry has roundly denounced the Israeli military for targeting aid workers and medical staff in the Gaza Strip, stressing that such practice constitutes a flagrant example of war crime, and represents an attack on guardians of humanity.

“Aid workers are actually agents and servants of humanity, whose immunity in conflict zones has always been underlined by international regulations. Medical staffers are working to preserve human dignity and protect humanitarian rights," Nasser Kan’ani wrote in an opinion piece published in the official Iran daily newspaper on Saturday.

"It is clear that a direct attack on them is one of the most striking examples of a war crime recognized by the provisions of the International Criminal (ICC) Statute, and the Fourth Geneva Convention,” he added.

He categorically rejected the spurious Israeli allegations that Palestinian resistance groups are operating command centers and ammunition depots under hospitals in Gaza, stating that such baseless claims are meant to provide the Tel Aviv regime the plausible excuse to press ahead with its criminal acts in the enclave.

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