All Israeli ships in Red Sea ‘legitimate targets’, Yemen warns

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The Yemeni information minister in the National Salvation Government has stressed that all Israeli ships passing through the Red Sea are “legitimate targets” as Sana’a is intensifying its operation against Israel in retaliation for its brutal aggression on the Gaza Strip.

Speaking in an interview with al-Mayadeen on Sunday, Deifullah al-Shami said all the Israeli ships at the Red Sea “would be legitimate targets” for the Yemeni armed forces, noting that Sana’a is confronting “a strategic enemy of the entire Arab and Muslim Nation.”

“We are dealing with a criminal enemy and it’s impossible for anyone who sees the massacres and the genocide [committed against the Palestinians] to be neutral, so we will target anything that belongs to that enemy.”

Al-Shami stressed that Sana’a has “information on all Israeli ships that pass through the Red Sea.”

He made the remarks after the Yemeni armed forces announced the seizure of an Israeli ship at the Red Sea and the detention of dozens of its crew members. Israeli media confirmed the regime’s ownership of the confiscated ship.

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