Hamas praises the recent seizure of an Israeli vessel by the Yemeni navy as a victory for Palestinians

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The Yemeni military has released the footage of an operation it performed on Sunday to seize an Israeli vessel in the Red Sea.

Yemeni armed forces said they seized the ship with all its crew in response to Israel’s massacre of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. The Palestinian Resistance Movement, Hamas, has also hailed the move as a victory for Palestinians. The head of the Hamas political bureau overseas, Sami abu Zuhri, called the seizure of the Galaxy Leader in the Red Sea a great achievement by the Yemeni army. He added that the move should set an example for all Islamic countries. Yemen's Ansarullah Movement had already warned that it would target all ships associated with Israel in regional waters. Ansarullah has also launched a volley of missiles and drones at Israeli targets in response to its onslaught on the Gaza Strip.

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