Hamas hails Iran’s ‘great diplomatic efforts’ for Gaza ceasefire

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The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas has hailed Iran’s major contribution to diplomatic efforts that led to a ceasefire agreement in the Gaza Strip between the group and the Israeli regime.

Ahmed Abd al-Hadi, who serves as Hamas’ representative in Lebanon, said on Saturday that Iran was a major player in efforts to bring an end to the Israeli military aggression on Gaza since it began in early October.

“Iran’s role is (always) to support Palestine,” Abd al-Hadi told Lebanon’s LBC news.

Elaborating on a four-day ceasefire in Gaza which started early on Friday, the official said that Hamas is ready to extend the agreement with Israel in a bid to reduce the grievances of its people in Gaza.

He said, however, that Hamas is ready to inflict huge losses on the Israeli enemy if it resumes the aggression.

Hamas agreed as part of ceasefire with Israel that was mediated by Qatar earlier this week to release 50 Israeli captive it had taken in an operation on October 7 in return for the release of 150 Palestinians held in Israeli jails.

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