Violence erupts as Israeli police clash with anti-regime protesters

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Clashes have broken out between the Israeli police and anti-regime protesters in Tel Aviv and across the occupied territories, with demonstrators demanding new elections and a prisoner exchange deal with the Palestinian resistance group Hamas.

Tens of thousands of Israelis in Tel Aviv and al-Quds joined in a massive wave of protests against the regime on Saturday night.

The demonstrators railed against prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s cabinet's refusal to negotiate with the Palestinian resistance group toward enabling the release of the Israeli captives held in Gaza.

After the main rally ended, a group of protesters remained on site, blocking the road by setting tires ablaze.

Police on horseback were captured on video pushing through crowds of protesters, causing chaos as some individuals were shoved around while others attempted to intervene and prevent further harm. Three protesters were arrested.

Former Shin Bet chief Yuval Diskin slammed Netanyahu during his speech at the protest in Tel Aviv, denouncing him as “the worst and most failed prime minister” in the history of the regime. He called for elections at the earliest possible opportunity.

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