Palestinian factions call for global ‘Ramadan Flood’ campaign to confront Israel

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Palestinian factions have called for a global campaign at the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan to support the Palestinians as the Israeli regime continues its brutal war against the Gaza Strip.  

In a statement on Sunday, the factions urged all "awakened consciences” around the world to launch the largest official and popular global mobilization on the national, regional, and international levels to thwart the occupying regime’s plans and to put pressure to stop its genocidal war against the Palestinians in Gaza.

They said the campaign-- dubbed the "Ramadan Flood"—should include activating boycotts in all their forms and cutting off all supplies to the occupying regime, as well as declaring strikes and sit-ins in public squares, and organizing marches in all capitals and cities.

The factions went on to say that Israel seeks to liquidate the Palestinian cause and execute its plans against the people of Palestine through displacement, settlement, Judaization of holy sites, ethnic cleansing, and racial discrimination.

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